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Create with your Zdepth pass a fake atmosphere based in the depth information for your shots

Correct composition for the ambient oclusion pass

Use a light pass for a flicker effect on your shots

MXIAutoComp is a compositing node for Nuke that mimics the capabilities of Multilight in Nuke from EXR render footage. The node allows you to extract the light buffers embedded in an EXR image file or sequence (if rendered with Multilight enabled) and automatically creates the complete nodes compositing structure associated to the lights embedded and mixes them adding independent intensity controls to each light, providing you the same adjustment capabilities as Multilight sliders do (but enjoying the noteworthy savings in file size derived from using EXR instead of MXI files). It also allows you to extract the extra render buffers embedded in the EXR render and even import the emitters sliders configuration from an external emixer file.

(only Maxwell renders with multilight)

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